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Welcome to my little slice of writing heaven fellow writers, readers, witches, and everyone in between.

I am so glad you’ve stumbled across my blog, and all the different things it has to offer.  Be sure to check out my legend link to see what type of posts you’ll find on my blog, and how to navigate each post that is to come.

I wanted to take a few minutes to give a detailed introduction of myself. On most of my socials, I list a few things about myself, and then move on my merry way. I’ll give small details on different parts of my life, but for this post, I’ve decided to go a bit more into detail so you can get to know who is behind the keyboard of this blog.

My name is Jana, I’m an 80s baby, born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – but I definitely grew up in the 90s, and I grew up in a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada. I am a wife to my very own King, a pet-mum of five rescues, and a caffeine queen consuming more coffee (and tea) than is healthy for a normal human. I am a daughter to the most amazing parents, a sister to one boss-ass woman, and a friend to many. I’ve been a practicing wiccan since ’02, and I am a Leo, and a very proud Gryffindor sharing a birthday with Mr. Harry Potter and the queen J.K. Rowling. I am an entrepreneur, a Sailor Scout, and an honorary Gilmore Girl. I’m a book obsessed, candle hoarding, coffee mug collecting, gamer who has spent more of her life reading and writing than anything else.

Now my online alias comes from being a practicing Wiccan since 2002, if you check out my linktr.ee pages (you can find the links in my socials page) you can find links to all my witchy content, bookish content, personal content, and all my socials.

A little more about me, my life, and what I am all about.

I’ve been married to my best friend Tommy since May 2017, and we have five amazing four-legged babies: Cash – our English bull terrier rescue, Piper – our black lab/boxer/bull mastiff/American bully mix, Salem – my familiar/our rescue kitty, Jynx – our newest family member, and Norbert – our bearded dragon. We spend most of our time currently training our new puppy Piper, binge watching Netflix, gaming, reading, cuddling, road tripping, and just enjoying each others company. I am one of the lucky few in the world who can truly say they are married to their absolute best friend. Tommy and I met originally in 2006 at an underground metal/hardcore concert in Hamilton, Ontario, and 12 years later are now married and happier than ever. We complete each other perfectly, we finish each others sentences, and are truly the most perfect partners for each other. I don’t deny I brag about him a lot, but, if you had any idea everything I’ve gone through to get where I am today, you would brag too.

I have been obsessed with books my entire life. I can remember my parents reading to me every night as a child, and when I was old enough and learned to read myself, I can remember my parents coming into my bedroom and telling me to put my books away and it was time for sleep. Books have been an escape for me for so many reasons, but mostly for the trauma of my childhood. I spent most of my life bullied, and without many friends, but I was okay with that because I found comfort in the pages of my books, and I made some of the best friends I could have asked for through books.

I have been a writer most of my life. It began as journaling, then became writing poetry as an escape from real life. From poetry, I began writing short stories and blogging online when I was younger, holding probably six or more blogs over the years but never sticking with it. I eventually became busier with teenage life and started to get away from writing, only journaling from time to time and rarely writing stories. Over more recent years, I rekindled my love of writing and opened a few blogs over the last few years. After debating with myself for years, and being supported and pushed to go after my goals by my husband and best friends – I recently started writing my debut novel, a major expansion on a short story I originally wrote when I was 15.

The most influential series on my life would have to be the Harry Potter series; I lost myself in the halls of Hogwarts and traded my tormented every day life for one filled with Butterbeer and magic. I was gifted the first Harry Potter book on my 9th birthday – which I happen to share with Harry Potter – and from that day forward, I’ve been obsessed. The magic and happiness that series fills me with cannot be explained. No words will ever explain to J.K. Rowling what she did for my childhood; I owe my life to her and her literary works. That series saved me more than I can ever explain.

Over the past year or so, I’ve learned about a whole new world of books and bookish things – BookTube, bookstagram, book review blogs, bookish twitters, and so much more. There is no where I feel I would fit in more than in the bookish community, and so I decided to dive in and started my journey in January 2018. I had used my personal instagram, twitter, and blog for reviews and all things bookish, but I decided that I would open some accounts dedicated to my love of all things literature and I cannot be happier that I did. I’ve met some amazing people, and I’ve also been introduced to some unbelievable new books and authors.

My favourite genres are probably YA (young-adult), fantasy, biography and true crime. Actually – scratch that – I love ALL genres, however when I go to the bookstore, the YA and Fiction(Fantasy-SciFi) are my go to sections. I have a problem with buying books and bookish merch, my library is chalk full of all things Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, and Sailor Moon among other fandoms I am now discovering.

I am always interested in hearing about new authors, books, booktubes, bookstagrams, author signings, and anything bookish so don’t hesitate to check my contact page and reach out to me. I would love to hear from you! I look forward to sharing my reviews, my book hauls, my wish lists, to be read lists, to be bought lists, and so much more with you. If you enjoy all things bookish – stay tuned, you’ll love what’s to come.

If you feel ambitious, you can find writing dating back a decade on here (backdated of course since I didn’t have a wordpress back in the early 2000s), and countless other posts on so many different topics. I’ve decided this blog will be a 80% bookish, 20% everything else type blog, so buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for spending some of your day with me, it means the world to me you’ve taken time out of your day to join me on my book blog journey.  As always, may your coffee be strong, your life be cozy, and your books transport you somewhere magical.

And remember, stay wild moon child, keep it cozy, and creep it real, witches!