[๐Ÿ“š] REVIEW: Young Power by Andrea Blythe Liebman

Hi bookstafam!!! A special welcome shoutout to my Parliament Monsters, BookSharks, fellow bookstagrammers, bloggers, authors, publishers, family and friends. Welcome back to my caffeine fueled slice of blogging heaven. Today’s post is a special one for me, and I simply cannot wait to share it with you.

I recently was extremely honoured to have befriended an amazing author via bookstagram, and after only a few short chats, I knew this woman would become an important part in my life. After a few more conversations about coffee, books, and all things fashion, my pay day came around and I couldn’t have been more excited to grab myself a copy of her debut novel, Young Power. I rushed to my Amazon app as soon as I woke up, and let me tell you, wasn’t that a hassle.

After some ridiculous Amazon issues, Andrea and I figured out how to get it all sorted, my copy of Young Power was in the post on its way to me, and the countdown to adventure to Puerdios University was on.

Now, when I ordered the book, I was expecting just that, a debut novel by a wonderful woman whom I was hoping would turn out to be as amazing of an author as she is a person. Fast forward to the day my book came in the mail – and the unbelievable Young Power swag Andrea included in my package. Peep the photo below that I personally took showcasing the beautiful book cover, as well as the swag Andrea sent me. Below that, you’ll find a quick run down on the book, as well as the synopsis from Goodreads, and my overall review. I’ll also leave a link to where you can purchase the book below!

Side note: a cup of coffee and coffee themed candles from Wick Wish Candle Co. pair perfectly with this novel, both in photos and while reading. Candles were NOT included in the Young Power swag package from Andrea, but can be purchased through Rachel’s Wick Wish website. Be sure to use your favourite reps code (which can be found on the Wick Wish instagram) to grab a 10% discount and be sure to check out all her new shop releases!

Photo by: J. Jenkinns ยฉ 2019

Young Power by Andrea Blythe Liebman
Young Power series (Book One)

Release Date: May 15, 2019

Pages: 375

GoodReads Synopsis:How would you react if the person you loved simply vanished?

No trace, no explanation. Just gone.

Liv understood why she had become isolated at her new university-why she had no friends and why she had an unresolved anger pent up inside her, just waiting to explode. What she didn’t understand was why her boyfriend and best friend of seven years, Hayden, vanished without leaving any trace or explanation to warrant his disappearance from her life.

This was supposed to be their plan, not hers.

As her eighteenth birthday approaches, Liv is determined to change her depressing routine and start enjoying her college experience. So, instead of constantly distracting her destructive thoughts by binge-reading or studying, she makes an internal pact to live life as she used to before becoming a shadow of who she once was.

Without realizing it, Liv’s secret birthday pact will forever change her life.

She suddenly begins noticing things. Unusual things. From a beautiful creature with piercing blue eyes following her around campus, to ghostly visions of her ex-boyfriend when she leasts expects it. She begins to witness strangers who know her name and angrily talk about her whereabouts in secret, insinuating that she’s in danger – although she has no idea why.

After one potentially-fatal night where Liv is almost murdered, her life becomes a present-day mythology, resulting in a very different college experience than she ever imagined her legal adult life to encompass.

Liv is brought to a new school, Puerdios University, School of the Gods and propelled into Hayden’s world, where mythologies of the past become a reality – but with a new generation of young Gods – and she is catapulted into a war between Pure and Dark.

As Liv tries to combat her place in this regal, powerful society, she learns why Hayden had to break-off their strong, impenetrable relationship: Pure Gods are not allowed to interact with mortals, and around their eighteen birthday, all deities inherit their powers and become legally bound to follow all Pure royal decrees.

Surrounded by Elites – leaders of governmental pillars who are the most powerful of Gods aside from the Royal family – Liv battles finding her place at this new university.
When she is invited to the King’s birthday symposium, she begins discovering more details to explain her current position. Hayden is the crowned prince of Gods and holds enough power to persuade his father, King Rowan, to let Liv study at Puerdios University until the radical Dark Gods cause is eliminated and she is able to safely return to the mortal world.

During her time with the Gods, Liv can’t help but magnetize toward Hayden, and he to her. Although he abruptly ended their relationship at the beginning of summer, their feelings for one another never faded away. So, despite the risk, royal protocol and fatally potential consequences, Liv and Hayden reunite in secret, unable to keep their relationship platonic nor stay away from one another.

King Rowan discovers the forbidden romance and sentences Liv to prison and Hayden, to what Liv believes, the Underworld. As she is dragged out to witness his execution, Liv cannot accept a world in which Hayden does not exist. Before he is prosecuted, Liv unleashes a whirlwind of power, unexpectedly releasing him from his bindings as well as preventing any harm done to him.

One thing is certain: mortals would never be able to conjure such powers.

And Liv just may have just become a character in one of her beloved mythologies.”

Rating: ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ (5/5)

Buy the book and find all things Young Power here

So, without further adieu, let’s dive on in to my review. First of all, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. I will say now, this review will most likely contain spoilers, so please don’t read ahead if you don’t want to have anything spoiled for your read of Young Power. I’m really not sure if I could review this book without spoilers as I honestly loved it so much, I just want to talk about it all the time.

Let’s just start this by saying any book that begins with a sentence about coffee is already a win in my world, since many of you know, caffeine is my lifeblood. I am a self-proclaimed caffeine queen, and I share that with our main character we are first introduced to, Liv.

“An Americano, please.”

Where do I start, Liv and I are basically the same human. From the way we order coffee and interact with the general public, to our outfit choices and the books we choose to read. Liv, away at the farthest school after a rough breakup is actually 18 year old Jana running away to a college 9 hours away after a devastating break-up. I loved everything about Liv, I truly couldn’t imagine a character I connected with more. When I was 18, I had my heart ripped out by my high-school sweetheart, the one who when I was a teen, I believed I would spend forever with. Flash forward to now and I couldn’t be more thankful that didn’t happen or else I wouldn’t be married to my amazing husband – but that’s aside the point of my book review. The heartbreak and pain Liv feels truly reminds me of my younger self going through the motions of my first, real heartbreak and this is where the connection began to grow.

So, without trying to spoil too much of the book, let me start by saying a few things.

First, the world building and atmosphere Andrea created within the pages of Young Power is bar none some of the best I’ve read in a very long time. I truly felt every rain storm and gust of wind, I could see and smell the university campus, the classrooms and the coffee shops, and I could picture every inch of her dorm room – as in my mind, it was described as looking identical to my college dorm room.

The character development was completely on point. The description and introduction of each character was at the exact right moment, and the characters were all so well written and described. Liv is one of the most relatable main characters I’ve ever read about, and I truly felt a connection with her. The introduction of secondary characters, like Peyton, Rei, Piper and Hayden were the perfect additions to an already perfect book. Peyton reminds me of some of my amazing friends, and definitely the type of person I think Liv would need in her life. She compliments Liv in a wonderful way that allows Liv to be herself, while still growing and discovering who she is through this heartbreak.

Lets now touch on the fact that the writing in this book was so fluid and relateable, that its hard to believe this is Andrea’s debut novel. It almost feels as if Andrea should have countless books on the NYT best sellers list so far, instead of just introducing the world to her amazing writing abilities. Her ability to created characters you truly connect with, a world that you can feel all around you, and a page turning story that draws you in from the get-go is something I’ve found rare in authors. Which makes me even more excited I discovered Andrea as she released her debut novel so I can follow her progression and undoubted success as an author.

The addition of Greek Mythology and astrology and the amount of thought and research that went in to adding this wonderful time in history as well as the information from a branch of science I am so enthralled by gave Young Power yet another reason to sky rocket up to the top five of my all time favourite series list, and I’ve only read book one. I’ve always found myself so interested in Greek mythology and culture; I’ve read countless books, watched hundreds of movies, and I’ve done more than one school assignment over my life time on Greek mythology. Add in the fact that I am a practising wiccan and the stars and astrology have such a significant part in my life, you’ve got two important things in my life put together to create a story that has stolen my heart.

Another thing that resonated with me so much was the nods to fashion and literature. As a graduate of fashion business, and a lover of books through my entire life, Andrea picked two more aspects of my world that mean so much to her to include it just gave the book that much more for me to fall in love with. It’s also lead to hours of amazing conversation with a wonderful woman I’ve found I have so much in common with.

Another thing I absolutely adored about this book, was the love between Liv and Hayden and the progression of learning about this relationship. I truly love the way these two love each other – it really reminds me of my husband and my relationship. My husband and I are basically inseparable, and we complete each others world in a way I never knew it was possible to be completed. We support each others dreams, dash each others fears, and protect each other from whatever comes our way. We feel empty when we’re away from one another, we would do anything to ensure the other is smiling, and we absolutely love to joke around with one another. We push each other to be the best versions of ourselves, and to accomplish the desires of our hearts. The relationship that Liv and Hayden have reminds me so much of what my husband and I have that it truly made the story even more amazing and gave me even more of a connection to Young Power and its characters.

Page turn by page turn, I found something new to love about this book. The friendships developed throughout the story, the addition of Dark and Pure Gods and magic, the nods to the different fashion styles, among every other thing that Andrea put together so perfectly to create a story I just couldn’t get enough of. There was a bit of everything, from action to romance, to magic and relatable day to day activities – there was something for absolutely everyone in this book. ย I honestly couldn’t find one thing wrong with Young Power, save for the fact that it ended and I have to wait until October for Elemental Power, book two in this amazing series – and yes, I already have a countdown in my phone and my day planner. I am eagerly awaiting the day Andrea messages me to tell me Elemental Power is finished and availableย so I can continue on in my adventures through Puerdios University.

I truly believe everyone should add this new-adult novel to their TBR, and head straight over to Amazon to make your order to obtain a copy for yourself. First of all, you will be supporting a debut author who deserves all the recognition and love, and second of all, you’ll get to add a book to your shelf that truly captivates its audience. I have come across so many different people who have discovered the Young Power series and fallen in love with the story and the characters.

I can’t recommend this book more, and I can’t praise Andrea enough for her hard work as an author, or speak highly enough about her as a human being. She has overly impressed me with not only who she is as a person, but the amazingly talented writer she has debuted to be.


For today, that’s enough of me gushing over this amazing novel. I’ll be back at you soon with another review and another book recommendation. I’m also starting to add a few book tags to my blog for a bit of diversity.

As always, may your coffee be strong, and your books transport you somewhere magical. I especially hope that you transport yourself to Puerdios University, then e-mail, DM, or tweet me so we can fan girl over this book series together.

And remember, stay wild moon child, and creep it real, witches!


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