[📚] Parliament House Takeover Tour: She’s Powerful Trouble by Taylor Hartley

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Jana here, I’m back again with another blog post! I took a little blogging hiatus for the last few weeks and haven’t been posting as much as I recently starting a new job, and I’ve been trying to adjust to a new work schedule and new daily tasks. However, I’ve been lucky enough to be included in another Takeover Tour! I’ve excitedly teamed up with Parlaiment House again for another Takeover Blog Tour (as well as an international giveaway over on my bookstagram) this time of the She’s Powerful Trouble book by Taylor Hartley, which is book one in the Foul and Fair series. I thank the team at Parlaiment for sending me an eARC copy in exchange for an honest review. Below, you’ll find a copy of this absolutely magical book cover, as well as the Goodreads synopsis and my review! Be sure to click on the cover when you’re done the review to head over and add it to your Goodreads TBR!

She’s Powerful Trouble by Taylor Hartley
The Foul and Fair series (Book 1)

Release Date: May 28, 2019

Pages: 418

GoodReads Synopsis: “The Mothers of Mariah Stark’s Coven insist she possesses an evil power. Mariah’s attempts to pull flowers from the Earth or heal injuries result in killing fields of crops and scorching flesh instead. Called away by a prophecy, the young witch learns she must cloak her magic to protect her Sisters and their secret. But despite her best efforts, Mariah fails at maintaining a low profile in Wicker Creek, North Carolina. Now, as Mariah navigates her senior year of high school, vicious town darling Shelley Stallings and her minions seek to reveal Mariah for the witch they believe her to be. Such exposure could ruin the magical world—if Mariah doesn’t destroy it first.

While Finn Shepherd may not have magical powers, he’s on his own path to self-destruction. Struggling to cope with his father’s death, he abandons his passions for swimming and sketching and seeks solace in drugs, pissing away his chances at graphic design school as he lashes out at the people who love him most. His tunnel-vision blinds him—so he never sees Mariah coming.

What follows is a cycle of fated encounters. Mariah’s powers soften as she grows closer to Finn, and she wonders: is he destined to save her from her ravenous inner darkness? And Mariah reminds Finn of who he used to be and the future he might pursue. But as Shelley relentlessly taunts Mariah, the dark side of her magic takes on a mind of its own…threatening anyone in its wake and driving Mariah to a choice that might unleash a force strong enough to shatter both the magical and ordinary worlds…

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟💫 (4.5/5)

Buy the book here

So, without further adieu, let’s dive on in to my review. {NOTE THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS}

First and foremost – just wow. I knew I’d love this book but I had no idea just how much I would love it. As a practicing wiccan, I find myself drawn to books about witches, if only to see how witches are portrayed (we get a bad rap a lot, but I swear we’re not all bad).

Okay, moving on.

From the very first page I was completely enamored by this book. I knew in my soul I was going to fly through it and enjoy every moment. It’s hard not to connect with these characters and the more I read, the more invested I became.

Mariah and Finn seem like the perfect match. Upon meeting them both, I definitely shipped them, since my heart desperately wanted to read about their growth together and see how they would effect one another’s lives.

Mariah was such a relatable character, well developed, flawed in the best way possible, honest to a fault, and a straight shooter, which I appreciate and relate to. Finn was the perfect counterpart to Mariah. I found myself hoping for one reaction and getting another. With every page turn, I found new things to love about each and every character introduced to me.

The story was so well paced that at no point did I ever feel it was dragging on, or uninteresting. I devoured every word and every page with ease and excitement. I just absolutely had to know what came next for my little lovers Mariah and Finn. Page one draws you in – what in the world would come of such a powerful infant? What would this do to the world as it was known? Would Mariah be caught? Would Finn escape his mental darkness? What was to happen to the pair next?!

I want more of this world Taylor has created. I want to know where the story will go next, and I want to include the magic that Taylor has included in her novel in my the depths of my witchy heart.

I am so excited to continue on in this series once Taylor releases the next book, and you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be buying a physical copy of this book ASAP. I truly believe you all should read it, it was magical, well written, and all around wonderful.

As usual, I am thrilled I was chosen among some other amazing bloggers to be a part of the Parliament House blog tour, and I cannot wait to participate in the next tour. I am truly blessed to be part of such an amazing review team for such an amazing publisher that has published some of my now most favourite reads.

As always, may your coffee be strong, and your books transport you somewhere magical.

And remember, stay wild moon child, and creep it real, witches!



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