[📚/👩‍💻/✒️] 2019 Goals – better late than never.

Hello my dear readers, it’s actually late – like really, really late (currently sitting at 3:20am) – as I begin to write this post. It’s another night in which I probably won’t get to bed before 5am. C’est la vie.

As I sit here, curled up in my recliner with my pup while my husband works on some business things, I find myself realizing I have some things I really want to accomplish this year. My way of thinking is if I write them down, I may be more apt to stick to them and complete these goals I’ve set for myself.

So, here we go with my 2019 goals – hey, it’s better late than never.

  • Finish draft 1 of my book; I was in full swing with writing, then I hit a snag with my laptop and I lost my momentum. I need to pick that back up if I hope to finish this draft before 2020.
  • Work through the ARCs and eBooks I’ve been sent, which is starting to amount to 30+ books. I’m overwhelmed a little bit and need to start plugging away at these and getting my reviews up. I’ve been a major slacker on that recently.
  • Blog more. This is including more reviews and bookish things, not just personal journal posts. I need to start tackling my TBR (to be reviewed) pile from the amazing authors who have contacted me, as well as the countless NetGalley books I’ve been sent.
  • Go on vacation with my family – my husband and I rarely get to go away to do anything, so this year it is our goal to take some time for us and get away to relax.
  • Finish more books on my shelf than purchase new ones, or at least try. Now this one is going to be the hardest for me. The annual BookOutlet box sale is this week and last year I picked up 87 books, and I read less than 50 books last year. I really need to start plugging away at my unread books shelf as, to be honest, it’s very daunting to look at – despite how beautiful it is.
  • Reorganize my library/office. With my husband and I currently building a gaming PC, my novel I am working on, and my countless books I own, my library/office is in dire need of a complete overhaul – including but not limited to new matching shelves, a new desk and computer chair, and a new reading nook complete with lamp and papesan chair. I also want to get my photo nook set up so my bookstagram posting can become more frequent as I don’t always have time (or space) to set up my current photo area (which happens to be right in the middle of my living room, the only place currently with ample space and lighting).
  • Quit smoking – now this has been something I’ve talked about for years, and I’ve tried before but been unsuccessful.  I am now at the point where both my husband and I are in the right frame of mind to quit, and I am hoping that this year, is the year that it sticks. I’ve been pretty successful these first few days, and I am hoping this will continue on throughout the year.

Now these are my main goals – I have other smaller goals, daily goals – things like my thirty minutes minimum of writing – be it blogging or working on my book, and goals like completing my PC build with my husband, but, these goals will always be worked on. We will always be upgrading our PCs to run better games and programs, as well as I will always be trying to keep writing as a daily part of my life. Not only does it make me feel better with being able to get things off my chest in my journal postings, but, there will be no completed draft of my novel if I don’t buckle down and start writing more.

So, that’s it for todays post. Here’s hoping that I can stick to these goals and work through my never ending pile of books to be read. I hope you’re coffee is strong, and your books transport you somewhere magical.

Until next post, stay wild moonchild, and creep it real, witches!



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