[📚/✒️] REVIEW: The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

Hey book fam!

I hope you’ve been reading some amazing books, and losing yourself into some amazing places. I certainly know I have been!  Today’s review is of a book I had recommended to me by at very minimum 8 people – so without further adieu, let’s dive into my book review for The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw. This novel is Shea’s debut album, and a stand-alone novel, so prepare yourself for this one. There is a good chance it could leave you wanting more – just like it left me.


Rating: 5 / 5

I honestly cannot find the words to describe the devastation I felt after finishing this novel. I am utterly destroyed that it is a stand-alone novel instead of a series. Despite Netflix winning the rights to the storyline, and creating a Netflix original (be it movie or television series), I will forever wish there was another book. I am by no means saying the ending wasn’t perfect, because it most definitely was, but I just couldn’t get enough. Once I finished the book, I flipped it over and started re-reading it from the beginning.

The Wicked Deep starts off, explaining the legend of the Swan Sisters, Marguerite, Hazel and Aurora Swan, and the torment the sisters endured by the townsfolk of Sparrow, a small town on the coast of Oregon. The online spoilers saying “Hocus Pocus meets the Salem witch trials” were spot on.  As a practicing wiccan, so many parts of this book resonated with me, but I digress as I couldn’t finish this book fast enough. Let’s dive into the story line…

Marguerite, Hazel and Aurora Swan were accused by the Sparrow townsfolk of being witches in the 1800s; their allure and beauty drawing in men who claim it to be against their will, both married and unmarried.  The townsfolk, especially the women of Sparrow, refused to believe the sisters were not using “potions” from the perfume shop they opened, and sentenced the sisters to death by drowning. Over the last 200 years, the Swan Sister’s return to the town of Sparrow to seek their revenge for their untimely and wrongful deaths. In order to execute their revenge, Marguerite, Hazel, and Aurora, inhabit three young girls, and continue to lure boys to their eternal sleep in the watery depths of the ocean.  For three weeks, from June 1st, until midnight on the Summer Solstice, the town of Sparrow is plagued with death and sorrow, and flocked to by tourists from across the world to see if they are strong enough to withhold the curse of the Swan sisters.

On the 1st of June, at midnight, the Swan sister’s song begins. Swan Season (as it is known in Sparrow) is known for drawing tourists in from near and far, and calling girls to the waters where the Swan sisters met their demise. The sisters convince the girls through their song to enter the cold, deep waters, which allows them to inhabit the bodies, pushing the soul of the girl being inhabited so deep down she is unaware anything is happening, before, during, or after the incident. Once the singing stops, the townspeople know all three sisters have found their bodies, and soon, the yearly killings will begin.  The Swan sisters, now able to walk, talk, and otherwise blend in to the town of Sparrow, take their yearly revenge. When the first boy turns up on the shorelines of Sparrow the first day of Swan season after the singing has stopped, the townspeople know this year is a Swan season unlike any other.

Penny Talbot, our main character, is a shy, quiet girl, who keeps to herself, and has a minimal group of friends. Her family owns the island the town of Sparrow’s lighthouse sits on. Penny and her mother are the sole occupants of the island after her father mysteriously disappeared three years prior, but he wasn’t the only local disappearance. Year after year, the swan sisters drag boy after boy to the depths of the ocean, and end their lives. But, when a mysterious stranger, Bo, turns up on the island, Penny seems to believe it was a sign. As Penny falls for Bo, her worry about him being captivated by one of the Swan Sisters increases, and she feels as if she needs to protect him. As each day of swan season passes, we learn more about what drew Bo to Sparrow, and the lengths Penny will go to ensure his safety.

Absolutely everything about this book captivated me; from the setting and description of Sparrow, to the jaw-dropping surprises and secrets.  The slow building romance, the friendship, the glimpses into the past lives of the Swan sisters. I could go on, and on, and on about everything I loved, but then I would be basically re-writing Shea’s words, and instead, I am going to just say, go read it. You won’t regret picking this book up. I don’t want to give away too much about this book because I truly believe it is one that everyone should read, at least once.

Shea Ernshaw’s The Wicked Deep has sky rocketed to my top book of 2018, I couldn’t put it down from start to finish.  I was completely captivated by the Swan sisters, I couldn’t get enough of the world Shea Ernshaw has created, and I never wanted it to end.

If you haven’t read The Wicked Deep (but read through my review) – WHAT ARE YOU WATING FOR?!

Go pick it up – right now.

This second.


It’s too good to pass up.

Happy reading, I hope your books have been amazing, and your coffee strong.

Until next blog;


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