[📚/✒️] REVIEW: My First Book Box Experience

Hey Bookfam!

I decided to write this and post it before I am able to get photos done; it’s been raining on and off and my yard has been flooded and my house just so dreary that I haven’t been able to take photos of the unboxing, so this post will be updated very soon with photos of all the amazing items included in my very first subscription box!


On Monday, I recieved my very first ever book subscription box, and let me tell you I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. For my birthday, when prompted by my husband, I told him I would adore all things bookish, and even though my birthday isn’t for another week he has gone way above and beyond already.

One of my many gifts throughout July was the purchase of an OwlCrate July box, and I am absolutely in love with the contents! July’s theme was ‘Strange and Unusual’ – a fellow bookstagrammer actually suggested this specific box for this specific month to me since she knows I am in to all things abnormal. I was also fortunate enough to get my hands on a CushyCrate July box, theme of the month “Mythical Creatures” and will be doing a full review of that once it arrives (hopefully before my birthday next week!).

Now, since it was my first time buying a book box, I decided I would do a bit of research before letting him know which ones I thought I would be interested in.  First, what is a book box? Is it worth the money? Is it something I can try for a month, then if I am unsatisfied, cancel without any repercussions?  How do you choose which one of the ever growing number of book box subscriptions out there?  I had so many questions, and I knew exactly where to go for the answers.

I polled my bookstgram followers, and asked what book boxes are their favourites. After receiving an astounding amount of responses, the top boxes came out as OwlCrate, FairyLoot, and CushyCrate.  That is where I dug a bit deeper, what do each of these boxes include, and are people satisfied with what the box has offered in past.

After about 3 days of research, looking into past boxes, asking current and past reps, and checking out reviews, I decided to subscribe to two boxes – one of which is a Canadian box, and as a fellow Canadian it makes me SO happy to support someone within my own country.

Now, my OwlCrate box arrived first, and I was ecstatic to open it. Even my husband and my pup, Piper, got in on the unboxing and were excited about the contents, and I am so excited to share them with you as well, so stay tuned in and let’s dive into the strange and unusual, and explore the contents of this amazing July box!


Up first, I want to showcase the adorable little scull pin that was so beautifully placed atop the packing worms – just below the beautifully printed spoiler card.  Ever since I was a young teen, I’ve collected buttons. I have probably 60 or so around my house, all different themes, sizes, and from all over the world.  


Next, we have the Miss Peregrine’s inspired pennant flag – which will look amazing hanging up in my library/office. My husband worked hard to give me a space that was all my own, a space I could run away to when I felt the world around me was just not being fair, or I just needed an escape. Though the bookshelves and bookish merch are everywhere, my decorations in the room are definitely lacking anything that isn’t Harry Potter related. I am so excited to have something new to add to make the space even more “me”.


After I pulled out the flag, I got my hands on this ADORABLE Funko keychain inspired by Stranger Things.  My husband and I are both avid Stranger Things fans, we counted down until the last season aired, and cannot wait to see where the gang heads next season.  This adorable keychain, with Eleven holding her waffle, blood trickling out of her nose, really reminds me of her character. The innocence, yet menacing little girl who has been through so much.  I think my husband may try to keep this one on me!


Once before, I have owned a tin of these Mystifying Mints from Boston America Corp.  I saw them in a HotTopic once, and as a practicing Wiccan, I just felt so drawn to the container – I’m not the biggest fan of mints to be honest!  Now, funny thing is I actually lost the tin when I moved across Canada a few years ago, and I can’t explain how much it excited me to have this back in my possession!

As I mentioned, my amazing husband built me a library/office in our spare room earlier this year. He knows how much I love to blog, and also knows that I have been working on a book for the past 3 years since an old roommate told me I should shoot for it and how much of a wonderful outlet it would be for me, and she was right.  In my library, I have two corkboards – a writing one, and a bookish one – and these cute little skull push pins courtesy of OwlCrate themselves are a perfect addition of function and flare!


I just told me husband a few days ago how badly I needed a new wallet, and low and behold, this amazing Raven Boys inspired wallet shows up in this wonderfully procured OwlCrate box. Exclusively designed by Reverie and Ink it is absolutely stunning, and couldn’t have came at a more perfect time for me.  Though I haven’t read the Raven Boys series yet, it is definitely on my TBR!


If you know me, you know my all time favourite fandom is Harry Potter. My library is filled with Harry Potter merch over anything else – and I am not ashamed.  This Luna Lovegood vinyl sticker by the amazing TJ Lubrano is just perfect.  I am just as sane as Luna, and damn proud of it!


I don’t own too many art prints – but the ones I do own are absolutely stunning and the one included in this months Owl Crate are absolutely no exception.  The amazing Aun-Juli Riddle created an unbelievable art print combining so many things I just adore – whales, books, tea/coffee and space! I simply cannot wait to frame this print and hang it in my library; it will bring such a beautiful presence to my favourite room in my home!  


Finally, the big ticket item – this months book! The July OwlCrate exclusive edition of My Plain Jane was a visually stunning edition of the novel.  I have seen a few of these books floating around the bookstagram community, and I have to say the lime green and purple cover here is hands down my favourite one I’ve seen (maybe I’m biased since it’s the one I own though?).  My Plain Jane, written and signed by authors Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows is a  re-telling of the classic Jane Eyre, featuring ghosts, orphanages, and the Victorian occult world and I cannot wait to read it.  I have added it to my August TBR as July already has one too many books on the go at once.  I really enjoyed the included handwritten letter from the authors, it was a nice added touch and I am grateful to have something like that in my collection of bookish things.  Plus – they included a craft that requires me to colour, and I love colouring!


All in all, I have absolutely ZERO complaints about this box. I am very happy with my first experience, though my tracking for the item was all wrong! I attribute that to being in Canada and the box coming from the United States – so absolutely nothing negative to say about OwlCrate in general.


Stay tuned in for more bookish reviews including that of my CushyCrate box that should be arriving so soon!


Until next blog,

May your coffee be strong, and your books be magical!


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