[๐Ÿ“š] Goodreads Giveaway Wins as of 24/07/18

Hey Bookfam!

I will not deny my streak of luck with winning Goodreads givesaways has been immense this year. In the first few months of 2018 I had won over 30 ARC and other giveaways on goodreads. I thought I would keep a list of JUST my goodreads wins so I can look back and always see the wins I’ve accumulated all together.

  1. The Death of Mrs. Westaway – Ruth Ware
  2. The Anomaly – Michael Rutger
  3. Someone Farted – Bruce Eric Kaplanย  (a hilarious win for my sister and my young niece!)
  4. So Close To Being The Sh*t You Don’t Even Know – Retta
  5. The Last Black Unicorn – Tiffany Haddish
  6. Our House – Louise Candlish
  7. Pick Three: You Can Have It All (Just Not Every Day) – Randi Zuckerberg
  8. The Late Bloomers Club – Louise Miller
  9. The Good Son – You-jeong Jeong, Chi-Young Kim
  10. Lies – T. M. Logan
  11. The Astrology of You and Me – Gary Goldschneider
  12. Adult Coloring Book Horror Fitness: Body Building Zombies – A. M. Shah
  13. Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internetย  – Claire L. Evans
  14. When Katie Met Cassidy – Camille Perri
  15. Heartbreakerย – Claudia Dey
  16. Unraveling Oliver – Liz Nugent
  17. Random Acts of Hope (Random #4) – Julia Kent
  18. Waking Up in Paris: Overcoming Darkness in the City of Lights – Sonia Choquette
  19. Archaeopteryx (The Albuquerque Trilogy #1) – Dan Darling
  20. HALO: Bad Blood – Matt Forbeck
  21. Switch and Bait – Ricki Schultz
  22. King of the Dancehall – Nick Cannon
  23. The Potted Quiz: Volume 8 – Andy Rose
  24. You Were Always Mine – Nicole Baart
  25. The Stars Now Unclaimed (The Universe After #1) – Drew Williams
  26. Her Pretty Face – Robyn Harding
  27. Chasing Mercury – September Williams
  28. Selfie Made: Your Ultimate Guide to Social Media Stardom – Meridith Valiando Rojas
  29. The Rich Guardian – E. Clay
  30. Led Astray – Taunja Bogart
  31. Someone Has Lead A Child To Believe: A Memoir – Regina Louise
  32. A Mind Unraveled: A Memoir – Kurt Eichenwald
  33. Odd Birds – Ian Harding
  34. The Man Who Came Uptown – George Pelecanos

It is an unbelievable honour to have won so many amazing giveaways for some amazing ARCs as well as final copies of some amazing books.ย  Though not all are in my possession yet (some are in the states at my mailing address there, and some are in the mail), I look forward to reading and reviewing every single one of these books, as well as any other amazing giveaways I win in the future.

I am such an avid goodreads user, and I am shocked that although I’ve actively used the website since 2013, it took until 2018 for me to win a giveway.ย  This must be my bookish year!

Until next blog;

May your coffee be strong, and your books be magical!


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