[📚] May Book Haul

Hey Bookfam!

Jana here with another blog post, its my book haul from May this time! I acquired 17 books, and four audio books this month, not a very large haul for me, but still, a book acquired is a book loved. My library is filling up nicely, and I am so happy about it. I am sure next month I will definitely be adding more to my book haul than I did this month – adulating things came first this time!

So, without further adieu, let’s get listing!

  • The Late Bloomers Club – Louise Miller (Goodreads give away win!)
  • Animorphs #27: The Exposed
  • Animorphs #24: The Suspicion
  • Animorphs #19: The Departure
  • Animorphs #11: The Forgotten
  • Animorphs #6: The Capture
  • Animorphs #5: The Predator
  • Animorphs #47:
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events – Book 4
  • Goosebumps #5:
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban
  • Random Acts of Hope – Julia Kent (Goodreads giveaway giveaway win!)
  • The Rose Society – Marie Lu (@_ebl_inc_ instagram giveaway win!)
  • Starcrossed – Josephine Angelini  (@_ebl_inc_ instagram giveaway win!)
  • The Tickety: A Path Begins – J.A. White (@_ebl_inc_ instagram giveaway win!)
  • Rebel – Amy Tintera (@_ebl_inc_ instagram win!)
  • A Thousand Nights – E. K. Johnson (@_ebl_inc_ instagram giveway win!)

I won ELEVEN more Goodreads giveaways in the month of May, though not all of them came in the mail by the end of the month, and I haven’t been able to pick up my U.S. wins yet, so they will be included in another book haul when I finally get my hands on them. I have to say, those ARC giveaways on Goodreads are a wonderful way to obtain new books for my library, and eventually to have the published copy beside my advanced reader copy!

Until next post, happy reading book lovers!


Bookish Wiccan

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