[👩‍💻/✒️] Flakes, Flurries, Swirls, Crystals – Whatever Form It Comes, I’ll Take It.

The first snow has fallen, and with the fresh, white, magical snow falling these past few days, covering my community in a blanket of pure, I’ve cleared my mind of negativity and stress with the help of my amazing husband and some cleansing crystals.

In the words of my spirit animal, Lorelai Gilmore, “the world changes when it snows”, and I couldn’t be more in agreement lately. Winter has never been a favourite time of year of mine, and I think it has to do with my own negative thoughts of not being able to embrace what the winter brings to our lives, until now.  Despite the cold weather, the winter brings me such a sheer joy I feel down to my core, and I never embraced it until now. Last winter, I started to see the light on how absolutely amazing this time of year can really be, and this year, I’m embracing it whole-heartedly.  Everything from the clothes, hats, gloves and boots, to the warm drinks, Christmas lights, and holiday spirit everywhere, winter has me smiling every single day.

As the even colder weather approaches, and we continue to experience this beautiful, magical weather, I am thankful I have so many wonderful things to bring joy into my life, and I need to continue to remember how truly lucky I am.  I have an unbelievably perfect husband who loves and supports me more than anyone ever has before; I have a beautiful best friend who constantly ensures I know that she’s there for me and always will be; I have a supportive family who help me every chance they get; I have three amazing pets that bring utter joy to my every day life; I have a lucrative job in which I am succeeding and exceling; I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and presents under my new Yule tree.  There is so much to be thankful for, and so much to be excited for, that I cannot honestly find a reason to be upset about anything.

As each new morning approaches and brings each new day to a beautiful start, I smile knowing my life is exactly where it needs to be. My husband and I are on an amazing path in our journey together, my work-life is going extremely well, and there are so many amazing things on the horizon I cannot wait to experience and share.

With that being said, I will sign off of this post and leave with, until next time my lovelies.
Stay Wild, Moon Child, and Creep it Real, Witches. 🌙🔮

J. ☆




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